Sustainability Report

2018-2019 RRH Richmond Road Holdings
Sustainability Summary


At Richmond Road Holdings, LLC, we honor integrity at all levels of the business operations. As an energy retailer that provides innovative energy solutions for electricity and gas supply to our customers, we strive to conduct business in a manner that is both environmentally and socially responsible.

Establishing and retaining credibility and customers is imperative in creating a sustainable economy and world. The value of the sustainability reporting process is to ensure that organizations (such as ourselves) acknowledge their environmental impact, assess accepted practices and enact short and long term goals to enhance these practices. The increased transparency leads to improved decision making, which helps bring a positive impact to the company, staff and stakeholders and ultimately customers.

Focus on People

By identifying what’s valuable to our employees and stakeholders, we seek to create a workplace that offers support and opportunities to cultivate employees that are as dedicated to Richmond Road Holdings as we are to them.

Focus on Environment

RRH is committed to demonstrating environmental stewardship through achieving carbon neutrality (both for the energy that we purchase and sell, and how we conduct our business operations), and implementing actions to reduce our environmental footprint overall and to foster environmental conservation.

Focus on Community

Through annual contributions, community outreach, and establishing community and professional partnerships, Richmond Road Holdings is committed to establishing and growing positive and productive relationships with our neighbors in the energy markets that we serve.

To learn more about the progress illustrated in our 2018-2019 Sustainability Report, please download the full report below. You can also download the previous year’s report.