About Us

RRH Energy Services is a New York based energy services management company overseeing businesses across multiple states. RRH Energy Services includes, but is not limited to, financial forecasting and budgeting, business development and planning for new and established companies, procurement, risk management, new market entry, sales strategy and growth, operations and database solutions, marketing and public relations strategy, and value-added services and partnerships.

We provide support and management for businesses focusing on small residential and small commercial customer bases. These brands include Kiwi Energy in New York and Ohio, and Spring Power & Gas in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The Ecogold loyalty program services these companies as a rewards program offering a retail benefit for qualified customers. Additionally, we offer a suite of home protection options and hybrid products to add additional value to electricity and natural gas services.

RRH Energy’s companies offer an environmentally conscious approach to electricity and gas supply. Through these brands, we are able to offer customers electricity that is matched 50%-100% with renewable energy certificates (RECs) and natural gas matched with carbon offsets.

Sustainability is at the core of all that we do, not only as it applies to our business operations and product offerings, but also as it applies to our customers, our people, and the community. Our primary process for contributing to our communities is through the Ecogold Environmental Fund. The Fund is privately funded, with contributions from the RRH portfolio of companies, in order to support charitable and non-profit organizations running environmentally focused projects such as Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, Transportation Alternatives, Hope for Haiti, EarthSpark International, and many more. For every new customer acquired portion of the proceeds are donated to the fund.

With a substantial vision and the collective goal of helping to create a sustainable future for our planet, RRH’s team works diligently to develop energy solutions crucial to achieving this mission. Bearing decades of energy experience, our team possesses comprehensive experience in operating energy companies throughout the United States as well as internationally. Our team is dedicated to developing our products, brand, and expanding our business. All of our employees share and support our commitment to the environment, our customers, and the local community.

Our integrity, innovative approach, and focus on customers and the community allows us to be the company of choice for environmentally focused energy solutions.