Spring Power & Gas is extremely excited to announce that their services and environmentally focused products are now available to residents in the state of Pennsylvania.

Spring Power & Gas, an energy provider affiliated with Kiwi Energy, is committed to developing and providing innovative energy and natural gas solutions to help customers reduce their environmental footprint. The company presently offers New Jersey and Maryland residents “Spring Green” which is a variable rate electricity plan that is matched 100% with Green-e Energy Certified Wind REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) product and “Zero Gas” which is a variable rate natural gas plan that is matched 100% with Green-e Climate Certified Carbon Offsets.

The options for Pennsylvania residents will be very similar to the existing New Jersey and Maryland value offering mentioned above. Additionally, as for New Jersey and Maryland clients, all customers in Pennsylvania will receive a membership to the Ecogold Loyalty Program, which gives them the option of receiving 5% in Ecogold Rewards or 3% Cash Back on their Spring Power & Gas supply costs. Ecogold Rewards are redeemable in the form of gift cards from popular retailers as well as energy efficient products.

Every time a customer joins Spring Power & Gas (in any given market), a contribution is made to the Ecogold Environmental Fund. This is a private fund that was established to support and contribute to charitable and non-profit organizations and environmentally friendly programs domestically and abroad. The Ecogold Environmental fund contributes to programs that align with the fund’s values of sustainability, integrity, and environmental accountability.

“Our goal is to help create a more sustainable future for our planet. Through our energy and natural gas solutions, we’re able to help our customers reduce their environmental impact and live a greener lifestyle.  Being able to offer our services to new markets is always exciting for us, so we’re thrilled to introduce our products to residents of Pennsylvania and to make it simple for them to make the best decision for our planet when it comes to their energy choices.” -Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Kiwi Energy.

About Green-e

The Wind REC is Green-e Energy certified and Zero Gas is Green-e Climate certified. These products meet the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. To learn more about Green-e and Verified Carbon Standard visit www.green-e.org and v-c-s.org.