Spring Power & Gas, leading Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey energy retailer offering environmentally focused products, is teaming up with MPOWERD® in order to donate Luci® solar lights to one of the most reputable non-profit organizations focusing on reducing poverty in Haiti, Hope for Haiti.

Hope for Haiti seeks to provide daily support and partnership to the people of Haiti. Their mission is propelled by the fundamental belief that, despite the numerous challenges that exist, there is always a pathway to a better life in Haiti. By following a holistic model for development that has been proven to reduce poverty, the organization continually collaborates with community leaders in rural areas to improve education, healthcare, infrastructure, access to clean water, and economic opportunity.

The key area of Hope for Haiti’s work that Spring Power & Gas connected with is education, as the vast majority of Haitian children lack access to quality education, which makes it exponentially more difficult for generations of Haitian children to break out of the cycle of poverty and achieve economic and social progress. 

Spring Power and Gas’s contribution of MPOWERD’s Luci solar lights will benefit Boisrond Primary School (or as it is officially known, École Presbytérale Sainte Anne de Boisrond), which was founded by Mrs. Marie-Mose Durand in 1970 and has since expanded. The school now has 3 school blocks and 11 classrooms, providing Boisrond students a very spacious and comfortable environment in which to learn.

MPOWERD’s Luci lights tap into a source of light that’s limitless and readily available to everyone on our planet – the sun. Extremely versatile, reliable and sophisticated, Luci adds brilliant design to solar. MPOWERD has positively impacted more than 3 million people in over 90 countries, and averted 500,000 tons of CO2, providing clean light to those living without electricity.

“In addition to having limited access to education, the Haitian community is also hindered by limited access to electricity, which can make it incredibly difficult for children, or anyone for that matter, to read at night. MPOWERD’s Luci solar lights are able to bring clean and safe light to the people and children who need it most. We were extremely honored to partner with MPOWERD and to donate Luci solar lights to such an important organization like Hope for Haiti. We trust that these lights will help improve the quality of life for the students at Boisrond Primary School.” – Nichola Clark, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Spring Power & Gas.

About Spring Power & Gas

Spring Power & Gas is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply. We focus on environmentally conscious products backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company, we pride ourselves on transparency and our team is always happy to help with any questions about the energy industry or our services. To learn more about Spring Power and Gas, please visit https://springpowerandgas.us.

 About Hope for Haiti

With a vision for Haiti that consists of joyful children, healthy families, thriving communities, and the resources to make it so, Hope for Haiti is focused on providing support and partnership for the Haitian people every single day. Through their many different initiatives, Hope for Haiti tirelessly strives to achieve their mission of improving the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children. Please visit https://hopeforhaiti.com to learn more about Hope for Haiti and how you too can help their cause.