Spring Power & Gas, an energy retailer providing innovative and environmentally focused energy solutions to residents in the states of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, has recently contributed funding to the non-profit organization, EarthSpark. Spring Power & Gas has had an ongoing relationship with EarthSpark and has contributed to other initiatives implemented by the organization, including their 2016 relief efforts following Hurricane Matthew.

EarthSpark’s mission is to eliminate energy poverty in Haiti. Their efforts encompass developing local businesses and scale value chains for sustainable energy technologies; providing technical education to farmers, students, and micro-enterprise owners; and alleviating local environmental damage caused by energy poverty.  Spring Power & Gas’ contribution is a great representation of the company’s commitment to sustainability and will offer support to EarthSpark in their endeavors.

EarthSpark has made significant progress since they begin working in Haiti in 2009. In 2012, the organization successfully launched the first-of-its-kind microgrid in Les Anglais, a small town that had never previously had grid electricity. By 2015, EarthSpark expanded the grid, which now serves over 2,000 people 24-hour electricity, powered primarily by solar energy and battery storage. This community scale grid is substantial enough to power a small industry, yet progressive enough to offer accessible service to everyone residing within the infrastructure footprint.

“Less than one third of households in Haiti are connected to the electricity grid, which means that the remaining two thirds of the population is left to use kerosene lamps and wax candles to produce light. EarthSpark’s mission to scale the delivery of clean energy technology in Haiti is critical, and we are extremely proud to align ourselves with this organization and be able to contribute to their mission” – Says Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Spring Power & Gas.

About Spring Power and Gas

Spring Power & Gas is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and gas supply. Spring Power & Gas focuses on environmentally conscious energy solutions backed by a friendly and efficient service. As a company, they pride themselves on transparency and the ability to answer any question about the energy industry and their sustainable products. To learn more, visit www.springpowerandgas.us or call 1-877-208-7636.

About EarthSpark International 

EarthSpark International is a non-profit organization incubating businesses that solve energy poverty. EarthSpark has built a town-sized, solar-powered smart grid in rural Haiti and has spun off a smart meter company, SparkMeter, to unlock business models for grid operators worldwide to expand energy access to low-income customers. EarthSpark has also launched Enèji Pwòp, a Haitian microgrid operator and retailer which has sold over 18,000 clean energy products and currently manages EarthSpark’s inaugural microgrid. EarthSpark is currently working towards a model for scalable microgrid development and operations.

To learn more, visit www.earthsparkinternational.org.