Spring Power & Gas, an energy retailer providing electricity and gas supply services to Maryland and New Jersey, is making a donation to the non-profit organization EarthSpark International for relief efforts in the aftermath of the tragic events caused by Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane Matthew made landfall via the small town of Les Anglais, where EarthSpark’s team, grid and customers were located and left behind widespread destruction, severely damaging most of the homes and businesses there. Fortunately, after several days of radio silence and attempts in re-establishing communication, it was confirmed that all of the EarthSpark team was safe and accounted for. The EarthSpark microgrid was also damaged but fared comparatively well, with the generation system still largely intact and only 25% of the solar panels lost.

Since 2009, EarthSpark has been dedicated to eradicating energy poverty in Haiti. In 2012, EarthSpark turned on a first of its kind, privately operated microgrid in Les Anglais, a small town that had never before had grid electricity. In 2015, the EarthSpark team expanded the grid to 430 connections, directly serving over 2000 people with 24-hour electricity powered primarily by solar energy and battery storage. This community scale grid is large enough to power small industry while progressive enough to offer accessible service to every single resident living within the infrastructure’s footprint.

EarthSpark is currently working to temporarily retool the energy assets to power urgent disaster relief efforts as most of the homes and businesses connected to the grid were destroyed. Beyond the relief work, EarthSpark is working in tandem with local authorities to re-establish the poles and wires distribution system of electricity for the town and to develop resilient energy systems for towns across the hardest-hit region.

Spring Power & Gas has a working relationship with EarthSpark and has had the opportunity to partner with them on other projects. “The recent events of Hurricane Matthew are a tragedy and Spring Power & Gas encourages people to come together to help Haiti, and organizations like EarthSpark that are working hard to provide relief, aid, and long-term solutions to the thousands affected by this devastating event” said Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Spring Power and Gas.

To donate to EarthSpark or some of the other organizations providing relief efforts please click on any of the links below.

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