Bicycling offers so many benefits, from improved health and overall well-being, to providing people an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Each year since 1956, Transportation Alternatives celebrates biking with Bike Month, during which they organize a series of activities that demonstrate the advantages and importance of bicycling. Kiwi Energy is excited to announce that they will be teaming up with Transportation Alternatives again this year and sponsoring Bike Month.

Intended on engaging new and seasoned cyclists alike, this year’s celebration will feature a Bike to Work Challenge to motivate colleagues to band together in a healthy competition of tracking their monthly miles. The Bike to Work Challenge is a month-long competition with the ultimate goal of finding New York City’s “Bikingest Workplace”, which is the workplace with the highest percentage of employees who commute to and from work by bike in the month of May.  All workplaces in the five boroughs are encouraged to participate in the challenge, regardless of your company size.

Transportation Alternatives Bike Month will also include the Bike Home from Work Party on June 1st, which recognizes the winning businesses and individuals and commemorates everything there is to love about cycling. Vendors from all over the country will be offering a wide array of products and activities that engage and interact with cyclists of all ages. Kiwi Energy will also be present, offering exclusive giveaways at the event to promote energy efficiency and present their environmentally conscious products.

“Bike Month is an excellent opportunity to embrace the incomparable power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. It helps employers build a positive, healthy workplace culture that begins with employees having fun while getting to work.” – Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives.

Invite your co-workers to commute by bike as many times as possible between May 1-31stand the workplaces that have the highest number of logged commutes per number of employees will be awarded with prizes. “Supporting Bike Month is a great way for New Yorkers to help advocate for better bicycling, walking, and public transit for the community.” – Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Kiwi Energy. Visit enroll and download the challenge app to log your trips.

About Kiwi Energy

Kiwi Energy is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply. We focus on environmentally conscious products backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company, we pride ourselves on transparency and our team is always happy to help with any questions about the energy industry or our services.

About Transportation Alternatives

With 140,000 active supporters and committees of activists working locally in every borough, Transportation Alternatives works to reclaim New York City streets for biking, walking and public transit. Since its founding in 1973, TransAlt has paved the way for remarkable changes in New York City’s transportation infrastructure and culture, including the extraordinary growth of commuting by bicycle and the launch of Citi Bike. Through consistent and focused advocacy, TransAlt has advanced “complete street” redesigns with protected bike lanes, dedicated bus lanes and public plazas, and has also worked for more equitable Vision Zero traffic enforcement across the five boroughs, including speed safety cameras to protect children at every school.