The staff at Kiwi Energy, a NYC based energy retailer, rolled up their sleeves once again in support of La Casita Verde’s composting project. Kiwi Energy has been a supporter of La Casita Verde since its inception in 2013 and is proud to support this worthy project and help see the community garden grow.

La Casita Verde is a unique community garden that focuses on composting to reduce food waste, supporting the soil food web, and offering produce to the local participating community. The composting project consists of several solar-powered, aerated static piles that biodegrade organic materials without requiring physical manipulation during primary composting to create semi-automated composting. Additional benefits include saving time and reducing emissions of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) to result in a higher quality compost product.

Kiwi Energy’s previous donations to La Casita Verde include a solar-powered gazebo that charges power tools used in the constriction of the garden and the composting enclosures as well as to power the aerated static piles in composting. “It takes a lot of will power and physical power to transform a derelict, contaminated lot like this into a healthful space that supports life. The members of La Casita Verde cannot do it alone and are thankful for organizations, like Kiwi Energy, who continue to support our mission and draw attention to the positive ways we can shape our neighborhoods together” – Brooke Singer, Founder of La Casita Verde.

Established in 2013, La Casita Verde was started by a group of volunteers and community activists who wanted to convert a 40 year old abandoned lot in Williamsburg Brooklyn into a vibrant green corner for people of its community and beyond. The garden offers visitors and members an array of programs with the opportunity to participate in any program as well as learn about the soil food web system – a complex living system in soil that interacts with the environment, plants, and our bodies. Visitors also learn how to make rich soil, grow healthy food, and understand the values of permaculture – all through the union of community, art and science.

Kiwi Energy supports urban agriculture and community gardening but also recognizes the importance of La Casita Verde’s mission to build an urban green space for the public to learn about and participate in the soil food web. “Kiwi Energy plans to continue its support of La Casita Verde and looks forward to participating and contributing with them on future projects” –Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations at Kiwi Energy.

Kiwi Energy is a New York-based energy retailer dedicated to providing environmentally conscious solutions for electricity and gas supply. Their focus on environmentally conscious products is backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company, they pride themselves on their transparency and ability to answer questions about the energy industry or their sustainable products.