For more than a decade, companies and individuals in the United States and beyond have been working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. The effects of El Niño are felt from California to New York and global climate change continues to be a real problem that threatens to disturb the future of all the inhabitants of this planet. Fortunately, there is a company striving to make a difference and influence the lives of many with their products. That company is Kiwi Energy and their Zero Gas. At its essence, Zero Gas, is their effort to reduce the carbon footprint of people around the globe.

Kiwi Energy’s plan “Zero Gas” is a carbon offset natural gas program that offsets the greenhouse gas emissions of each customer’s natural gas use by purchasing carbon offsets. It is a carbon offset variable rate product that helps us all reach climate neutrality. As if the incentive to reduce the impact we have on our Earth is not enough, Kiwi Energy is also giving customers membership to their Ecogold Loyalty Program. Active customers will have their choice of either:

  • 7% in Ecogold Rewards on their Kiwi Energy supply charges
  • 5% Cash Back on their Kiwi Energy supply charges after 12 consecutive months

Kiwi Energy is truly making a sizable contribution to the well-being of our natural resources. In fact, their Zero Gas product ensures that Kiwi Energy customers natural gas usage is offset with carbon credits from projects such as forestry, landfill gas capture and conversion.

For those not aware, a carbon offset is a reduction of greenhouse gases measured in tons of carbon dioxide or methane avoided, sequestered or destroyed. Projects such as avoiding deforestation, planting of trees, methane management (such as cow ‘gas’), and management of landfill waste gases are the types of projects that aim to reduce the amount of carbon released into our atmosphere and have a ‘credit’ value. Kiwi Energy purchases investment credits through the CIKEL Project, Brazil’s first certified REDD Project. They work to conserve the amazon rain forest in Brazil, and protect the environment by conserving the area and practicing FSC certified sustainable forest management.

“Zero Gas is aimed to improve lives on a global scale, if every New York resident decided to make their household gas carbon neutral it would be equivalent to removing 4.5 million vehicles from the roads for 1 year or over 17 million trees planted based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s calculations,” explained Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations. “2015 was recently announced as being the hottest year on record, global warming is an issue that effects every person on this planet and it is time to work collectively to reduce these effects.”

Kiwi Energy is a New York-based energy retailer dedicated to providing environmentally conscious solutions for electricity and gas supply. Their focus on environmentally conscious products is backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company, they pride themselves on their transparency and ability to answer questions about the energy industry or their sustainable products.