In 2018, Kiwi Energy, an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas, established a new partnership with the Ohio River Foundation (ORF). The company is excited to announce that it will be contributing to this important organization again this year.

Ohio River Foundation (ORF) is dedicated to protecting and improving the water quality and ecology of the Ohio River and all waters in its 11-state watershed. ORF works towards these goals through environmental education, conservation, and encouraging eco-friendly solutions to polluting business and business practices that serve to inspire environmental stewardship for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future citizens.

Kiwi Energy is able to support non-profit groups running environmentally focused projects, such as the Ohio River Foundation, through the Ecogold Environmental Fund. For every new customer acquired by Kiwi Energy, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the fund. Kiwi Energy’s contribution will support Ohio River Foundation’s Mussel in the Classroom Education Program.

Introduced in 2017, ORF’s Mussel in the Classroom (MIC) Program is a first of its kind program in the nation. The MIC program comprises of an in-classroom visit from ORF education staff with freshwater mussel collateral and shells that involves a classroom hands-on learning experience. Students learn about the importance of mussels to an ecosystem, their life cycle, and their current status in the environment. The class is then provided an aquarium and the necessary equipment to maintain and monitor live mussels.

Kiwi Energy’s ongoing support of institutions that share its values of sustainability and environmental conservation is well represented in its recent contribution to ORF.

“Organizations like Ohio River Foundation play an important role in creating more knowledgeable and engaged citizens. Through their Mussels in the Classroom Education program, ORF isn’t only fostering creativity and scientific exploration to students, but to entire communities. We’re proud to work with such a unique and progressive group.” – Says Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Kiwi Energy.

About Kiwi Energy

Kiwi Energy is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply. We focus on environmentally conscious products backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company, we pride ourselves on transparency and our team is always happy to help with any questions about the energy industry or our services. Please visit to learn more.

About Ohio River Foundation

Ohio River Foundation (ORF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by a group of citizens concerned about the Ohio River, and the need for increased citizen response to the degradation of this valuable natural resource. ORF’s mission is to protect and restore the water quality and ecology of the Ohio River and its tributaries for the health and enjoyment of present and future generations.

In 2020, ORF celebrates its 20th anniversary of Ohio River watershed work. During its history, the nonprofit has reached 50,000 students with its freshwater education programs; restored and reconnected more than 200 miles of rivers; removed four dams; planted 6,000 trees; and removed more than 100,000 invasive plants. Learn more at