Kiwi Energy, an innovative New York based energy retailer is quickly approaching its 3 year anniversary for their Ecogold Loyalty Program. Ecogold is a loyalty program that rewards its members for choosing environmentally conscious solutions for electricity and gas supply.

In addition to receiving electricity matched 100% with renewable energy certificates and gas offset by carbon credits, the program also offers customers a choice of either 7% in Ecogold Rewards or 5% in Cash Back on their Kiwi Energy supply costs. Ecogold members are also eligible for discounts on participating brands and monthly rewards that they can use towards gift cards or purchase energy saving products.

Established in 2013, Ecogold has not only been rewarding its members with 5% or 7% on their supply costs, another component of the Ecogold loyalty program is its environmental fund. The Ecogold Environment Fund was established to support individuals, organizations, and groups running environmentally friendly projects. The Environmental Fund is able to support these individuals and organizations through contributions from Kiwi Energy. Kiwi Energy has donated a portion of every sale to support the fund. This is another example of their commitment to the environment and sustainability.

“The Ecogold Loyalty Program was designed to not only complement our offerings but to add inherent value for our customers.” said Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Kiwi Energy.

Kiwi Energy will be announcing new community and environmental partnerships for the Ecogold program over the next few months. Their aim is to continue to build on the benefits the program offers their customers and energy saving initiatives that customers can access through the program.