Richmond Road Holdings, LLC, a privately held New York based energy services holding company who owns both Kiwi Energy and Spring Power & Gas, recently released its 2016-2017 Sustainability Report. The company is extremely pleased to announce that its intent of attaining carbon neutrality was conquered during 2016 and 2017, and is on track to be reached in 2018.

Establishing and retaining credibility and customers is imperative in creating a sustainable economy and world. The value of the sustainability reporting process is to ensure that organizations (such as Richmond Road Holdings) acknowledge their environmental impact, assess accepted practices and enact short and long term goals to enhance these practices. The increased transparency leads to improved decision making, which helps bring a positive impact to the company, staff and stakeholders and ultimately customers.

Richmond Road Holding’s key values stem from sustainability. Its strong focus on products and services supporting its vision is showcased in its 2016-2017 Sustainable Report. The report demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable business operations; from procurement to internal operations, environmentally focused non-profit partnerships. The company is committed to attaining these goals and contends to do so by providing customers unparalelled service and cutting-edge energy solutions, complying with regulations that can have an impact on its businesses, providing steadfast support to communities in which its businesses operate and to have its businesses be the leading choice for environmentally conscious energy solutions.

Richmond Road Holdings runs energy retail businesses across several states. Kiwi Energy operates in New York and Ohio, and Spring Power and Gas in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The Ecogold loyalty program services these companies as a value-added rewards program offering a retail benefit for customers, added services through partnerships, and energy-efficiency initiatives. The program also offers additional Ecogold Rewards when choosing solar. The Ecogold Rewards program is built to acknowledge and encourage customers to make the right environmental choices and reward them for these decisions.

Richmond Road Holdings complies with all applicable regulations as it pertains to its business, and seeks to conduct business in the highest ethical standard, one which is both environmentally and socially responsible, and promotes the importance of the environment to employees, customers, and the greater community. Its sustainable strategy focuses on several key policy principals and goals that ensure it suits customers, employees, investors, stakeholders and the environment.

In 2016-2017, Richmond Road Holdings achieved carbon neutrality for its operations and energy supply by offering customers only environmentally conscious products. Since 2017, Richmond Road Holdings, LLC has been offering electricity that’s 100% matched with Green-e certified Wind RECs and natural gas that’s 100% matched with Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets. Kiwi Energy and Spring Power & Gas previously offset customers’ electric and natural gas usage with RECs and Carbon offsets, but took this one step further in 2017 by certifying the Wind REC and Zero Gas products. In fact, Kiwi Energy and Spring Power & Gas were the first companies to offer Green-e Climate’s certified gas product to residential customers in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

“Our customers, our people, and the community are of utmost importance to us. Our Sustainability Report has helped us to build and maintain trust in our customers by ensuring that organizations, like us, consider the impact we have on sustainability issues. It enables us to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities, which leads to better decision making, thus helping RRH build and maintain trust with our customers and businesses.” said Richard Booth President of Retail Operations, Richmond Road Holdings.

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