Through the Ecogold Environmental Fund,Spring Power & Gas is able to support nonprofit groups by offering contributions to programs that align with the company’s central values of environmental accountability, integrity, and sustainability. Spring Power & Gas teamed up with a new environmental partner, The Ocean Research Project (ORP), in order to raise awareness about the organization and to support their various initiatives.

ORP was founded in Annapolis, Maryland in 2012 by Matt Rutherford, whom after finishing his record-breaking, solo circumnavigation of the Americas, knew sailing was his passion and was determined to find a way to use his passion to give something back to the ocean. Since its foundation, ORP has sailed over 25,000 miles in the pursuit of marine research.

Thanks to the technologies available today, large expensive research vessels are no longer required for many scientific projects. ORP works in close coordination with scientists in order to develop research expeditions that can be completed with sailboats anywhere in the world. In fact, ORP believes sailboats will be the research vessels of the future, and its vision is to create a global network of research-ready sailboats to support marine science. A traditional ocean research vessel produces significant emissions and can cost as much as $25,000 a day to operate. A sailboat research vessel, on the other hand, has a much smaller environmental footprint and can operate at a tiny fraction of that cost.

As an innovative and eco-minded company in the energy retail industry, Spring Power & Gas strives to distribute natural gas and electricity solutions in ways that limit the impact on the environment. The company’s partnership with Ocean Research Project demonstrates its ongoing efforts to support a sustainable future. ORP’S research and programs are funded primarily by sponsorships and donations, such as Spring Power & Gas’ recent contribution, and are great tools for educating people worldwide about, not only the importance of protecting the ocean but the primary issues plaguing it.

“Spring Power & Gas is excited to partner with The Ocean Research Project. Not only do they seek to acquire and share the knowledge that is critical to protecting the ocean, but they also strive to change the way that ocean science research is conducted.” – Says Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Spring Power & Gas.

About Spring Power and Gas

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About Ocean Research Project

The Ocean Research Project (ORP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific exploration under sail. ORP’s research objectives focus on acquiring knowledge that will allow them to better understand human-induced stress on the ocean. In order to provide lower-cost expeditions, ORP combines modern technology with age-old efficiency, and designs sailing expeditions to enable small, core teams of researchers to gather critical information from remote, sensitive areas worldwide. ORP is determined to increase public awareness regarding their findings on the decisive factors impacting the ocean’s health. By sharing this information broadly, particularly among younger generations, ORP inspires change to protect the ocean and foster a thriving marine environment.

Visit to learn about how you can help support ORP’s mission.