Kiwi Energy is teaming up with the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) through an in-kind contribution that will foster clean, efficient transportation choices by expanding OCBC’s educational initiatives. Kiwi Energy is a leading energy retailer offering environmentally conscious solutions for electricity and gas to residents in the states of Ohio and New York.

Kiwi Energy’s contribution will help OCBC develop curricula (including preparation materials for their Shop Class series) and student evaluation measures, as first steps to creating a bike mechanic apprentice program at their large facility in Cleveland, Ohio. The new partnership with OCBC is one of the many ways in which Kiwi Energy strives to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

“This project’s long term goal is to counter a major cause of climate disruption and build healthy, resilient communities in ‘bike repair deserts’ — neighborhoods without a bike shop — which are usually also home to most ‘necessity cyclists’ who can’t afford a car, or even regular bus fare.” explained OCBC Executive Director Jim Sheehan.

The group saw a need for professional bike mechanics training to build the “technical infrastructure” to support increased bicycle mobility in their community. They plan to provide that by augmenting the OCBC’s existing classes with more advanced repair topics and coordinate them with their well-established youth Earn A Bike program to create a workforce development program for apprentice bike mechanics.

How Kiwi Energy is Helping

Kiwi Energy’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in the company’s efforts of establishing and growing positive and productive relationships in the energy markets that it serves via annual contributions to different non-profit organizations, including COBC. These contributions are made possible by the Ecogold Environmental Fund. The Ecogold Environmental Fund is privately funded with contributions from Kiwi Energy in order to support non-profit groups running sustainability projects. Kiwi Energy’s contribution to Ohio City Bicycle Co-op is a prime example of its perpetual support of institutions that according to its core values.

“We encourage our customers to minimize their environmental impact, so we are big advocates of biking – It’s one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation. The work that the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op does makes biking not only more sustainable but more accessible to the Ohio Community. OCBC’s solutions have a positive impact on the environment, community, and infrastructure and Kiwi Energy is proud to contribute to their cause”, said Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Kiwi Energy.

About Kiwi Energy

Kiwi Energy is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply. We focus on environmentally conscious products backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company, we pride ourselves on transparency and our team is always happy to help with any questions about the energy industry or our services. Please visit to learn more.

About Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op (OCBC)

OCBC is a non-profit, volunteer-driven cooperative bicycle education center offering riding and repair classes, refurbished used bikes for sale or rent, hands-on learning and shop credit for volunteering, and public shop use, advice, and assistance.

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