Sustainability is at the core of our values and we seek to create a brighter future for our planet. Our efforts encompass maintaining sustainable business operations and providing innovative energy and natural gas product offerings and incentives to our service areas. We also continuously motivate our customers to live more sustainably through our ongoing communication initiatives including newsletters, press releases, and social media posts.

RRH Energy Services believes in rewarding its customers for making the right choices for our planet as it comes to their electricity and natural gas decisions. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive loyalty program that is unique for each customer and his or her requirements.

Ecogold is an environmentally focused loyalty program that supports the RRH Energy Services portfolio of brands for every new and existing customer. The complimentary program is tailored to provide customized offerings for each individual customer. Membership to the program is free when customers choose any of the product offerings from our brands.

All customers, of course, have the environmental perk of powering their homes with electricity matched 100% with Green-e Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and natural gas matched 100% with Green-e Climate certified Carbon Offsets. Their enrollment also supports a contribution to the Ecogold Environmental Fund, which supports eco-focused projects and organizations.

Exclusive members-only benefits include, but are not limited to, energy efficient products at great prices, the ability to offset household carbon, accumulated rewards redeemable for products, gift cards, or cash back. Participating brands include Whole Foods Market, The Home Depot, Amazon, Target, Zipcar, CVS Pharmacy, and more.

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